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War of 1812 Clothing
Sailors Round Coat
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New for the War of 1812
A Sailor's Round Coat,double breasted with 3 button cuff flap. This woolen coat is fully lined with your choice of pewer or brass buttons. Coat
comes with Working pockets
$135 up to size 48- 50 and above $145

Sailor's Round Coat up to size 48 $100.00 50 & up $125.00

Our Colonial & 1812  Clothing Section

Picture of Polonaise $175.00 Plus Shipping

Another View of Polnaise

Colonial  Music by the Jolly Rogues

French and Indian & 1812 Clothing

Complete Clothing Packages

I am sorry to have taken so long, but things have been very hectic. Thank you for the coat. It is wonderful. I wore it to two Patriot games with the End Zone Militia. At one of the games, vs the Jets, I ended up on the NFL play of the week and Catch of the week video clips -- with the coat.  Also I attended the BAR commemoration of the Evacuation of Manhattan at the Federal Hall on Wall St. the 25th of  November.  The fit is perfect. Thanks again,
Charlie Walsh
2nd  RIR

Ask about our 19th Century Clothes


The 19th century man :

The white pleated bib shirt has a stand up collar and double button cuff.

White Muslin $55.00

Linen $80.00

Osnaburg $70.00



Shawl collared double or single breasted, fully lined vest. The 19th century vest is shorter, coming just to the top of the trouser waist, being self belted in the back.

Woolen lined with cotton $75.00

Linen lined with linen $75.00

Frock coat:

Gentleman’s frock coat, fully lined with waist pockets and inside breast pocket. This coat has a cut away from, but can be made with a full flared skirt to the coat.

Woolen lined with cotton $185.00

Linen lined with linen $150.00


Button fly trousers with suspender buttons. Back slash pocket on request.

Woolen $95.00

Linen $80.00

  New items in our clothing section!!!!!

Dear Joyce, Your beautifully made clothes arrived today, and my son is thrilled. He looks so handsome - I much prefer the style to cargo pants and Gap T-shirts. All the fabric is lovely and soft - I don't know why I thought the breeches were woolen. I will recommend your wonderful handiwork to others.... with best wishes, Nancy


Girls Outfit

 We have,caps,aprons,short gowns,hats,breeches,vests,colonial clothing for men,women and children. All our clothing are all made to your individual measurments and mail ordered directly back to you. If you do not see it in our Colonial Clothing Section just give us a call and we will design what ever you need,weither if it is for a school play,party or even a Colonial wedding.18th& 19th century clothing,snapsacks,haversacks,bodices,frocks,aprons,coatees,trousers,staight leg or skirt slops,shirts,breeches,gaitors,caps,tricons,chemise,pocket,pettie coat,short gown, for both adults and children.

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The Battle of Tewkesbury Book 1471 by Nigel Byde on sale now!!!!

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