NEW ITEMS: for War of 1812

A Sailor’s Round Coat, doubled breasted with 3 button cuff flap.  This woolen coat is fully lined with your choice of pewter or brass buttons.  Coat comes with working pockets.

To size 48                                  $135

Size 50 and up                           $155

Civilian’s Work Jacket, single row of pewter or brass buttons.  This jacket is made in your choice of linen or wool, fully lined in cotton.  The jacket comes with working pockets and sleeves are vented at wrist.

To Size 48                                  $135 linen
                                                   $115.00 Wool

Size 50 and up                           $150.00 linen
                                                   $155.00 Wool
Trouser Slops made of blue ticking.  These slops are trouser legged with a fall front, side pockets and a watch pocket.

To Size 48                               $90 Size       50 and up   $125

Skirted Slops made of blue ticking.  These slops are full legged or skirted with a 3 button closure, side pockets and a watch pocket.

To Size 48                              $125

Size 50 and up                        $140

Sleeved waistcoat made of fine linen or wool.  This waistcoat is fully lined with muslin and pewter or wooden buttons.  The back and sides are vented.  The waistcoat also has working pockets under the flaps.

To Size 48                                $115

Size 50 and up                        $135


French and Indian Style Waistcoat: Working Pockets Front Finished with particular unit requirements $125.00
French and Indian Uniform: $375.00 Blue Wool lined with red light weight wool and linen sleeve linings,with or without turn-backs with working pockets. Front finished with each unit requirements =================================================================================================================
Men’s colonial shirt. Gusseted underarms with wooden butttons. Available in white muslin, white linen, various linen stripes and checks Can be ordered with the neck and cuff ruffle.

M-1 White Muslin $50.00 M--L Linen $75.00

Men’s waistcoat with working pockets. The waistcoat is fully lined with cotton lining.
Buttons are pewter, wood or brass.
The waistcoat can be 100% cotton duck, linen or wool. Colors vary.

M-2 Cotton Duck $75.00

M-2-L Linen $100.00

M-2-W Woolen $125.00

Men’s fall front breeches. These breeches can be made with working pockets.
The buttons are pewter or wooden. The breeches can be made of 100% cotton duck, linen or wool.
(Woolen breeches are fully lined.) Colors vary.

M-3 Cotton Duck $120.00

M-3-L Linen $100.00

M-3-W Wool $130.00

Men's Outfit


Frock coats with turn back cuffs and working pockets. The frock coat is a gentlemen’s coat
with covered buttons and vent pleats.
This handsome coat can be made in linen or wool, and would be completely lined.

M-4-L Linen $275.00

M-4-W Woolen $275.00



Military Gaitors wool or Linen Gaiters with bone Buttons  $45.00
Military Gaiters Wool Or Linen with Bone Buttons $45.00


Work frock or farmer’s work shirt is made similarly to the men’s shirt with wooden buttons
on cuffs and collar.
Made of wool, this frock can be used in place of an outer coat or work jacket.

M-5-L Linen $75.00

M-5-W Wool $90.00
(Note 2011 Battle Road no longer allows farmers smocks but is allowed everywhere ekse that we are aware of)


Short work jacket of linen or wool. This jacket is fully lined and has pewter or wooden buttons,
and has a rolled collar edge with an inside breast pocket. Colors vary.

M-6-L Linen $135.00
M-6-W Wool $135.00


Sleeved waistcoat is similar to the waistcoat with working pockets.
The sleeved waistcoat is fully lined with pewter or wooden buttons. Colors vary.

M-7- Cotton duck $100.00M-7-L Linen $135.00      Wool $135.00


100% heavy cotton stockings in various colors.

M-8 $10.00

Wool long stockings in cream color only.

M-9 $15.00

Men’s wool liberty caps. Red, blue or green.

M-10  $35.00

Ruffled jabouts or stock of white linen.

M-11 $15.00

Men’s haversacks with pewter or wooden button on flap.

The haversack is great for carrying your 21th century items.

Made of 100% cotton duck or linen.

M-12 Cotton duck $20.00

M-12-L Linen $30.00


Snap sack is a carry-all with a sling strap and drawstring closure.

Made of 100% cotton duck or linen, the snap sack is a useful addition to your wardrobe.

M-13 Cotton Duck $20.00

M-13-L Linen $30.00


Boy’s shirt, with gusseted underarm and wood buttons on cuffs and collars.

B-1 $28.00

Boy’s waistcoat with working pockets and pewter or wooden buttons.
The waistcoat is fully lined. Colors vary.

B-2 Cotton duck $50.00

B-2-L Linen $75.00    Wool $75.00

Boy’s fall front breeches with drawstring gusset in back. Pewter or wooden buttons.

B-3 Cotton duck $50.00

B-3-L Linen $58.00

B-3-W Woolen $60.00


Boy’s frock coat with collar and fold back cuffs.
This coat has a back pleats and vent with working pockets.

B-4 Cotton duck $100.00

B-4-L Linen $130.00

B-4-W Wool $130.00

Boy’s long stockings of cotton blend.

B-5 $6.00

B-6 $15.00

Boy’s haversack with pewter or wooden button on the flap.

B-7 $12.00

Boy’s drawstring snap sack with sling strap.

B-8 $15.00


Jumps:  These jumps are partially boned with 3/8”rounded cane.  They lace up the front and are adjustable at the shoulders.  There is some choice of color .The jumps are made specifically to your measurements.

Fully boned stays:  These stays are fully boned with 3/8” rounded cane.  They lace up the front and back as well for a better fit. There is some choice of color.  The stays are made specifically to your measurements.


Woman’s Cardinal  Cloak:  This cloak or Cardinal red is a favorite.  The cloak comes either lined or unlined.  The hood is pleated at the back crown and ties at the neck
Unlined                                       $100.00

Lined                                          $130.00

Girl’s Cardinal Cloak:  Be just like Mom and have a Cardinal red cloak.

Unlined                                        $75

Lined                                           $100

Short Cape:  This cape comes to the hip (30 inches long).  The cape is lined with contrasting muslin.


Women’s shift with gusset underarms and drawstring neck.

W-l Cotton muslin $28.00

W-l-L Linen $45.00


Women’s half apron.

W-2 Muslin $10.00

W-2-L Linen $20.00

W-2-P Print, check or stripe $15.00

Bib or pinner apron.

W-3 Muslin $15.00

W-3-L Linen $25.00

W-3P Print, check or stripe $20.00

Women’s petticoat with gathered waist and grown pleats

Women's Petticoat With either gatthered or pleated waist band made to your length.
Cotton $40.00

Linen $65.00

Wool $65.00

Women’s fitted, sleeved bodice with lace up front,

This bodice is fully lined.
Cotton $45.00

Linen $70.00


Caraco Jacket  fully lined ,with side back pleats and cuffed sleeves
Cotton $85.00
Linen $100

Ruffled Linen Modesty Piece                                        $25.00 Detachable Linen Flounnces ruffles for cuffs           $25.00                                                            Choice of fabrics and patterns available

Women’s short gown with drawstring neckline.
This gown has a gusset side seam.

Women's Cotton $35.00 Women's  Linen  $50.00 Womens's Wool  $75.00


Women’s wing-cuffed jacket with hook and eye front closure.

This jacket has a elongate flounced back and is fully lined.

Women's Cotton $50.00
Women's Linen $70.00

Women’s six (6) panel jacket with hip flounce and hook and
eye closure. This jacket is fully lined.

Women's Cotton $50.00

Women's  Linen $70

Women’s bed gown with tie front. The jacket is partial lined and has
pleats at the hip and back. The roll collar and self facing helps to form
the shape of the garment.

Women's  Cotton $60.00
Linen $85.00

Wool  $70.00


Women’s day gown with a fitted bodice and hook and eye front closure.
This gown has a gathered skirt. The bodice is fully lined.

Women's  Cotton $85.00

Women's Linen $125.0

Women's Printed,stripe $100.00

Women's Wool $125.00


Caps and bonnets--white linen or muslin

Lappet $15.00

 Double Ruffle $18.00

Pleated brim $15.00
Squared brim $13.00
Squared brim with ruffle $15.00

Lady’s pockets are fully lined. Colors vary

W-18 Single $10.00 W-19 Double $12.00

Fishue (modesty piece)


Girl’s shift/chemise with a drawstring neck. And gusseted underarm.

Cotton $22.00

Petticoat with a drawstring waist and growth pleats. Colors vary

Cotton $22.00

Girl’s short gown with drawstring neck.
This gown can be pleated in the back and the sleeves
can be cuffed. Colors vary
Cotton $25.00

Girls Outfit


Small girl’s gown. This gown laces up the back and has
a lined bodice top with gathered skirt. Colors vary

Sizes 4-8 
Cotton $40.00
Complete girls outfit
Consisting of Shift,short gown,petti Coat,and cap and apron $95.00


Girl’s gown with matching petticoat . Just like the woman’s day gown with
a ruffled sleeve, this gown has a lined bodice with stomacher and used hook
and eyes for closure. Colors may vary
Sizes 8-14

Cotton $50.00



Girl’s bodice laces up the back and is fully lined.*
Sizes 4-8


White aprons with a drawstring waist.

Cotton $10.00

Print, checkered, stripe $10.00

Caps and bonnet.

 Lappet $12.00

 Double ruffle $12.00

 Pleated $12.00

 Squared brim $12.00

G-13 Ruffled, square brim $12.00

Pockets on a drawstring.

 Single $10.00

 Linen $12.00

*Not a documented garment.

If you have someone measure you other than us and they measure wrong there will be an aditional alteration change when returned back to us for adjustment!!!!!!

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